OneRedCube offers you an integrated, comprehensive suite of enhanced communications services, including:

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One Number
You can program OneRedCube to forward your calls to up to five other phone numbers - office, cellular, car, beach house or anywhere else you want to be reached. It's the last new phone number you'll ever need.

One Portal
You'll have access to all of your communications functions from the web so you can listen to messages, view faxes and even place calls online. You'll also have access to powerful personal and project organization tools, including a directory that can instantly set up a call with any of your stored contacts.

You'll have anytime, anywhere access to your voice, fax and email messages, either by phone or over the web.

Call Screening
All incoming callers are announced before you accept the call. You will always know who your caller is so you can decide which calls you take and which you send to voicemail.

Call Whisper
The identity of incoming callers will be "whispered" to you, so the person you're talking to does not hear. You can either accept the call or send it to voicemail.

Conference Calling
You can use your OneRedCube account to hold a conference call with up to 12 business associates or friends.

Long Distance Calling
Use your OneRedCube account to make long distance calls with low, flat-rate domestic pricing and flat rates to Europe and Asia.

My Contacts
Store the contact information for all your clients, associates and friends at your OneRedCube portal and launch calls directly from the online directory. Synchronization with PDAs and PC-based organizers will be available by December 2000.

My Calendar
Keep track of all your meetings and appointments from the convenient scheduling tool located on your OneRedCube portal.

My Project
Manage, plan and collaborate on important projects with OneRedCube╣s powerful project management application.

Personal Operator
Program your OneRedCube account to reach an assistant, coworker or reception desk if you are unable to receive calls.

You can receive and send email from OneRedCube, as well as forward voice and fax messages as email attachments.

Phone or Pager Notification
Receive notification by phone or pager whenever a new message has arrived at OneRedCube.

24-Hour Customer Support
Dedicated customer support specialists are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help you with technical, billing or any other questions you have about our service. Just call 866-HAVE-ONE.


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