OneRedCube is the next step in the communications revolution.

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We've broken the bonds of desktop phones and fax machines with wireless and Internet connectivity. Now the technology exists to harness these separate devices and services into one powerful and convenient communications solution.

OneRedCube gives you a single phone number that can reach you anywhere in the world, anytime you want. OneRedCube also gives you anytime, anywhere access to faxes, email, conference calling and powerful time and project management tools.

OneRedCube is not wired into a phone, computer or some new gadget you have to carry around with you. Instead, OneRedCube transcends devices and platforms, so your power to communicate is no longer dictated by the length of your cord or the strength of your battery.

You control your devices; they don't control you.

OneRedCube gives you the power to decide where, when and how you will be in touch. Or how you will be completely, utterly unavailable.


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