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You've got an office number, home number and mobile number. There's a fax machine at work and you've got Internet access here and there.

It's good enough for you...

...except for the time the mailroom misrouted your important fax to the branch office in Spokane.

...except for the time you got a cool new cellular phone, with a new number, and people were still calling your old number a year later.

...except for the time you were trying to reach each other and, well, maybe she just got tired of trying to reach you.

...except for the time you waste everyday checking different voicemails, waiting for faxes to arrive, recharging cell phone batteries and wondering whether you should stay late because so-and-so might call.

....except for all the times you could have been somewhere else, doing something more fun but you sat by the phone instead, letting phone tag simmer into phone rage.


Now imagine. With OneRedCube, you will...

...give out your very last new phone number.

...stop missing the important calls.

...get rid of the junk calls.

...look at faxes on your computer screen instead of looking for them on your desk.

...get calls to your New York office, while you're in Tokyo.

...have more frequent conference calls with clients and associates.

...have conference calls with family members, friends, sorority sisters, fellow Star Trek fans or anybody else you never thought of conference calling.

...stop paying your local phone company whatever they want for voicemail, call waiting, caller ID and other services you get with OneRedCube.

...hardly believe that you lived without it.


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