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For kids:

The Smithsonian Institute Web site. Includes tours, a kid's guide to the Smithsonian, and educational reources for teachers.

The place to go for information on Nickelodeon's shows, stars, The Big Help, etc.

The kids version of Web guide Yahoo. Sites are organized into categories such as Art Soup, School Bell, Sports and Recreation.

Lists the top 5% of all Web sites devoted to kids.


For parents:

Parent resources organized into sections such as education central and fun & games. The site also includes sections devoted to specific communities, such as expectant parents and parents of school age children.

Archives articles from publications such as Family Circle. Includes sections on home, pregnancy, health & safety, development, living and "ask the expert."

Family resources including the bookstore, parenting tip of the day, etc.

Online family publication with activities, education links

Online magazine devoted to fathers.

Dr. Kutner answered questions on dealing with teenagers during this moderated chat session.


For teachers:

Web site of the National Middle School Association

Lists daily shows available through Cable in the Classroom Includes teachers guides and other classroom resources. Web site aimed primarily at elementary and middle school teachers. Contains lesson plans, Teachers Lounge and other resources. .html

Site devoted to K-12 math education. Students can get help with math questions. Includes teacher2teacher section where teachers can submit questions about math education.