by Lawrence Kutner, Ph.D.

As parents and children, we constantly communicate with each other, even when we're not saying a word. In fact, we CANNOT NOT communicate. Think of the times you've known how another person feels just by the way he or she enters the room. Is he happy? Is she upset? You can often tell even without saying or hearing a word.

Communication between parents and pre-teens can be tricky and, at times, frustrating. The kids are older and more sophisticated. Parents have new expectations. Sometimes communications become strained. Tempers flare. Barriers go up. We say things we later regret.

This guide can help in two ways. First, we've included a brief version of the 1998 Philips National Family Communication Survey-"Let's Connect" for you to take and compare your answers with the other members of your family. Questions are for parents or kids. Second, we have some tips (parents or kids versions) on ways to improve how you communicate with each other.


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